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Name:Detective Carlton Lassiter SBPD
Birthdate:Aug 4
Location:California, United States of America
OOC Information:
Name: Wren, Wrenny, Wrenguin,
Age: 33
AIM: Radekgrrl
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IC Information:
Name: Detective Carlton Lassiter, SBPD, Lassiter, or Lassie.
Fandom: Psych
Timeline: Season Six, right before the episode 'This Episode Sucks'.
Age: 42
Appearance: Carlton is a very, very tall man at 6'4 with broad shoulders and a very lanky appearance. He has a narrow face with a hawkish, watchful expression that is usually dour or serious, yet when he smiles he could be considering downright handsome. His hair is dark, with grey at the temples and sprinkled through-out, and he is always shaved and neat. His most notable features are his nose, which is crooked from being broken multiple times (thank you, California criminal element), and his bright, intense blue eyes.

Abilities: Carlton Lassiter is first and foremost, a head detective at the height of his career. He has all the training that position implies - including the physical and mental endurance. He is also an expert marksman - the top in his department - and is familiar with a wide variety of handguns and other weapons. Because of his time at a Western styled theme park in his youth, and his obsession with Civil War re-inactment in his older years, he is also a skilled survivalist. He can make his own fire, cook over it, hunt and trap his own food, and he is also a fair horseman.

He can also fish, tap-dance, whittle, fence, and he plays a mean game of softball.


Carlton is not what you would call a 'people person'. Raised by a hyper-critical mother. He tends towards perfectionist traits. He likes things to be neat and tidy. He is extremely logical, and distrusts the fanciful, be they thought or people. He will always go for the most rational answer, and anything else is dismissed with scorn. He also tends to be sarcastic with people who he believes are inferior to him - this is rigidly coded by his consideration of people's self worth. He doesn't care if you're rich or poor, different color or different sexual creed, if you tend towards the slovenly and the criminal, he will put you down.

Yet when you get past the crusty, dour exterior -- he can be surprisingly compassionate. He does not make friends easily, but the ones he does make he is fiercely loyal and protective to. He is also surprisingly sensitive -- he feels it keenly when people don't like him and he wants to be included, but he is so socially awkward that he often puts people off. The ones who truly come to understand him consider him to be a good man, if not a flawed one.

A complex individual - one who tries to repress himself as much as possible, but his passionate
nature comes to play more than he admits. When he makes friends, they are his friends for life and he will do anything for them, even break his own rules. When he falls in love, he falls in love hard, and he could truly say he's only loved two women in his life. He comes off as stodgy, but he would rather see himself as old fashioned, and always believed he was born in the wrong century - where morals and values meant something.


Carlton Lassiter is the oldest of the three Lassiter children - one unnamed brother who is married to another man in South America, and their baby sister Lauren. His relationship with his father being all but non-existent, his one with his mother is the one that shaped his childhood. Going alternatively from abandoning him so she could take care of the two younger children, to obsessively riding him about his academic and career pursuits, Carlton's mother was at best emotionally draining to the point that Carlton just turned himself into the perfect son just to get her to pay attention to him, and leave him be at the same time.

The only really happy part of his childhood was his time at Old Sonoma, a western styled theme ranch where he spent the bulk of his childhood. This gave him his love of American History, his old fashioned ideas about right and wrong, as well as a deep love for Clint Eastwood. He became a cop to be able to live up to these aspects of his life - honoring his country, protecting the weak, and of course, Dirty Harry. He moved fast up the ranks - due to being close to the former police chief who took the young rookie under his wing. He was the youngest Head Detective ever in the Santa Barbara police department.

During this time, he met and fell in love with his wife Victoria. At first their marriage was perfect - but things fell apart from the inside and the outside. Carlton's career ambitions meant he was away from home, leading Victoria to think that he didn't want things out of their marriage - like children. Her father didn't help the situation, talking down about Carlton. Eight years into their marriage, Victoria asked for a separation. Carlton didn't take it well, and it was then his ambition stuttered. Things kept stuttering, for about the next two years, until Lassiter found himself with a new partner, and with that new partner he found himself starting an illicit affair with her. He would have thought that would have been the biggest change he could take -- but that was when Shawn Spencer dropped into his world, dragging his friend Burton Guster, his father Henry (an ex-cop that Carlton had long respected), and with him the insane world of psychic detecting. Which Carlton firmly did not believe in.

You would have thought that would be enough - but when Shawn exposed his relationship with his partner - his partner transferred, and Carlton found himself saddled with the fresh-faced Juliet O'Hara. Carlton found himself in the middle of a maelstrom that was the chaos of Shawn, Gus, and in some parts Juliet, and thought himself in literal Hell. But - somewhere between the dramatic antics, the jokes at his expense, and the constant cheeriness - Carlton found himself having a real partner who was also his best friend, and with a solved crime rate that rivaled some of the best precincts in the state. He found himself divorced from Victoria, and never being happier about the decision, because even though he would always love her, he knew it was time to let go. He found himself letting a lot, with Juliet -- and if forced, with Gus and Shawn.

Things were ... pretty decent, until of course Shawn had to mess it all up by falling in love with Juliet, and vice-versa, but even that Lassiter was starting to accept. He was starting to wonder about himself, though. If he was never going find the right person, settle down -- again -- and find love. At least he wasn't as bad as Guster. Still, he was starting realize that there was more to life than just the job, the failed marriage, mocking Spencer whenever possible, and all kinds of military grade weaponry and hand-guns. He just wasn't sure what that was yet, and the job was starting to get to him, but all he wanted was a change.

Roleplay Sample - Log: (Written in third person, past tense, any setting [Changed 6/25! - 'any canon setting - or Facility based.'] )

Waking up in any strange place was always jarring. You looked at the ceiling, looked out the window, looked at the room around you and tried to figure out just what the hell happened. Why weren't you in your own comfy bed, with the comfortable weight of a gun under your pillow and the sunlight coming through the curtains? Why were you sleeping on a sofa with the coroner, in Spencer's office, and white powdered sugar all over your mouth?

But Carlton digressed.

He knew he wasn't in his room. He also knew he was not in Spencer's office. He was not on O'Hara's sofa, and he was not in the uncomfortable position of waking up trying to uncurl himself from the seat of his Crown Vic after a long stake-out.

No, he was on the floor, of an apartment, not his own. He was in sweatpants, sweatshirt, and the last thing he remembered was walking out of the SBPD offices and wanting to go directly to the bar. This was not even close to the bar. Hell, he didn't hear the ocean, so he wasn't sure how close this was to Santa Barbara.

He rolled to his feet, and walked to the nearest window, and that's when two horrible things struck him. Not only was he not in Santa Barbara, but he was pretty sure this wasn't California.

And he was pretty sure he didn't have his gun, either.

Carlton Lassiter's eyes narrowed. Yeah, this was not going to be a good day.

Roleplay Sample - Journal: (Written in first person, IC, as though it were a journal entry.)

So it's come to my attention that we're on limited coffee here, not to mention food rations. Now, I don't think anyone here needs me to treat you like a mentally challenged five year old Doberman with a leg-humping problem. I'm sure most of us are rational adults - excluding those who are insanity gods or small children with wings. We all know that coffee is a precious commodity, and we all know how vital it is to some of us with caffeine addictions.

It's part of the morning ritual - you pull yourself out of bed, hit the coffee maker to on, and then start your shower. It's the reward you give yourself so when you're done showering, done dressing, done hemming and hawing about what to eat for breakfast and if you're bringing your lunch, that you have a hot cup of joe. Piping hot, bitter until you add your sugar, and ready with that jolt to make the rest of the day ... just a little bit easier.

So let me just state, with all sincerity, and all seriousness -- if you goddamned bunch of savages don't learn to start saving what little we have left of this precious life force, I will be forced to hunt you down and stick my foot so far up your butt that you will be tasting fine Italian leather until the cows quite literally come home.

Okay? We all got that? Excellent. Have a pleasant day.

This game includes horrible mental and physical torture of your character. After reading the rules/faq for clarification, how do you expect your character to handle this and continue to function?

Carlton Lassiter was, in short, raised and bred to deal with mental and physical hardship. He suffered early abandonment from his mother, a strained relationship with his father, and bonded with an old, loner cowboy on a He Western dude ranch theme park. His wife left him, his old partner left him, and what wasn't shattered by those events was literally bathed in pure cynicism from being a detective for ten years.

In short, he is a survivor. He is hard - hard down to the very bone - and while amongst that hardness is a softer side - you still have to get past the steel plating around his soul. He is not something to be trifled with, and he is never someone to be underestimated, whatever you might think of his grouchy bluster. He will make it through the Facility, because he was made to endure.


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